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Trusts & Estates

Estate Planning

We cannot handle the day-to-day care for our dependents or take our money and assets with us when we die.  As such, having an estate plan will give you the ability to make arrangements for your loved ones and decide what happens to your assets when you are not here to do so.  Essentially, creating an estate plan today will provide you with comfort tomorrow.  Failure to create a plan may result in unnecessary confusion and conflict amongst your family members and your assets being distributed in a manner you did not intend.

The Law Firm of Irving and Mendenhall will assist you in drafting, executing, reviewing, and updating all of your estate planning documents and objectives.  We focus on providing you with a comprehensive and customized estate plan that is designed to preserve your assets, take care of your loved ones, and minimize tax liability.

We can assist you with creating:
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills and medical proxies
  • Guardianships

Estate Administration

If you have been named or appointed an executor, administrator, or trustee of an estate, you have a duty to quickly create a plan that meets your legal, financial and ethical responsibilities.  Unfortunately, the duties and expectations involved in holding these positions are not easily accessible or understood by non-legal professionals, and the failure to properly discharge those duties creates the risk of being personally liable for opportunities lost and expenses incurred.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients understand their obligations, have full legal guidance through the estate administration process and that the administration of the estate is completed.

We also assist beneficiaries in protecting and fighting for their inheritance.

Dispute Resolution/Estate Litigation

The death of a loved one often brings out the worst in family members and friends.  Disputes may arise surrounding the validity or interpretation of a will or trust, unforeseen circumstances, or the actions or inactions of the administrator, executor, or trustee.  When this occurs, an amicable resolution is always best but is not always possible.

The Law Firm of Irving and Mendenhall’s knowledgeable attorneys will represent parties on either side of the dispute to enforce their rights and obtain a resolution.

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